Gaming Chair Elements Magna Nemesis

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Whether for fun or professional use, the chair Elements MAGNA Nemesis is a milestone in the Gamer, Office and Home Office universes. And now it can be yours...


This Gamer Chair is the most innovative in terms of materials, technology and design, it forms a set that, in addition to being beautiful and ergonomic it will allow you to elevate your experience to another level, without pain or physical fatigue. 

This is really exclusive!

It is extremely comfortable, represents the union and connection of worlds between mortals and their Elemental Masters, who use the chair for many hours straight to work hard in several hours, to play or watch a movie or series. WOW!


Elements perform at a high level with very high durability, and lasts 1.5 times longer than any other in the category.


RECOMMENDED HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: 1,85cm/6,06ft and 150kg/330lbs




Brand: Elements Chairs

Model: Magna Nemesis

Color: Black



Structure: Steel 1020 and High Quality Wood

Base: Steel 1020 | Electrostatic painting | Dimensions: 35cm radius

Wheel: Nylon + PU | Diameter: 6cm

Foam: Density 50 Kg/m3

Main coating: Suede

Rear Coating: Synthetic PU Leather

Adjustable Arm: 3D Adjustable | PU (polyurethane)

Gas Cylinder: 8cm | Class 4 | PU finish

Mechanism: Multifunction (superior to butterfly)

Reclining Seat 15º 

Reclining backrest 90º - 135º

Adjustment function to the gravitational center: Yes

Maximum supported weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs

Cushion: Lumbar



From Floor to Armrest: Minimum = 65 cm - 25.5 in (arm and seat in minimum settings).

From Floor to Armrest: Maximum = 78 cm - 30.7 in (arm and seat in minimum settings).

Backrest Height: 83 cm - 32.6 in 

Backrest width: 60 cm - 23.6 in

Seat depth: 53 cm - 20.8 in

Seat width: 60 cm - 23.6 in

Seat Width (Front) Without Side Flaps: 44 cm - 17.3 in

Seat Width (Middle of Seat) Without Side Flaps: 42 cm - 16.5 in

Seat Width (Seat Bottom) Without Side Flaps: 40 cm - 15.7 in

General Measurements: 71 x 71 x 131 cm - 27.9 x 27.9 x 51.5 in

Box: 70 x 65 x 33 cm - 27,5 x 25,5 x 12,9 pol.

Customer Reviews

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David McDougall
All around great product and responsive Customer Service!

The chairs were delivered within 3 days. Very easy to assemble, look great and received very positive feedback from my gaming table. Order and fulfillment were a breeze. Service provided was fantastic!

Quade Meloche
I've fallen asleep in this chair

This chair has been amazing this past week, the packaging was great, the chair was sturdy, and the reclining is great.
pro- Cheaper then a SL chair, Comfortable, i am a 250 6'2 male and i fit in this chair perfecly. So much so when i reclined over the weekend i fell asleep.

Con: Lubar Pillow falls everytime i stand up, arm wrests rattle. [to be expected with the 4d], head pillow would of been a nice addition.

Over all a great chair i have been recommending to my friends and followers, if they want SL comfort without the price tag,.

Mark moody
The best gaming chair

Was at the com a con in calgary this past week. I was looking for a few statues for my collection, had no luck but i also needed a new gaming chair. I came across this gaming chair
the company is out of Vancouver this is by far the best gaming chair office chair i ever had. This chair is very comfortable great support for the backits made with swade i believe the bass is made with steel, the arms are adjustable to perfect heights for both gaming and office work, everything about this chair screams soiled built, i recommend this chair even for a heavy set person the weight capacity 330lbs with a wide seating area, hope this info helps anyone look for a new gaming chair.


Fantastic product. The chair is extremely comfortable and accessible. The adjustments are easy to use, so I can be leaning back and relaxing, or upright ready to game! The arms are also easy to move, so it doesn’t feel cramped while sitting in it. Love this chair!

Glaysson Castro

This chair is fantastic, the quality is remarkable, and the ergonomics are unique. Other reviews that mention the price is too high have never owned a quality chair before. You truly get what you pay for, so if you'd rather have a bad quality chair that you'll replace within a year then go with a $150 dollar chair. If you want a chair that will last well many years then pay the price and experience quality. Cheap chairs are just not worth it, save up for a good chair and you'll be happy!

The chair is stiff when you receive it, but don't be alarmed. You need to break the chair in, and once you do it's extremely comfortable.

The chair was also extremely simple to setup, which I appreciated.

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